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Hello High Tech world! Heard of a hardcopy CV? Thought not. That is in the past! Here at CV Creator, we are obsessed at making sure we are to up to date with the current market trends. This is why you will be able to find the most up to date Online CV for all industries.

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Creating a CV Online: What to look for?

To apply for a job in 2019 means one thing, applying online! Whether it be through a recruitment agency or directly on the company’s website, you will be required to submit a UK style CV online alongside a Cover Letter and any additional information the application requires. 

This means the importance of a CV created through the medium of the Internet is extremely important.

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The online CV process

The structure

As a potential recruitment for a company, your role as a candidate is to make yourself stand out from the crowd.  The aim is to leave the company no choice but to call you in for an interview. The contents of the CV itself may represent 80% of the total value of a CV . However, the format and structure of the CV itself  contain the most important 20%. As the great economist Pareto said, 80% of effects come from 20% of causes.  You are competing against hundreds of other very well educated candidates for the job with your CV . With every candidate having similar education backgrounds, the smallest detail can be crucial.  This can be the difference between you landing a dream job or going home empty handed.

The style

To make a CV Online, it is important to make sure the style of the CV matches the type of role you are applying for. This makes the employer aware that you have thought through all the steps of the application process and customised your application to suit the job role description. 

The skills

For example, if you are looking at a highly qualified role, it is strongly advised to pursue a CV structure that promotes all your previous work experiences.  The purpose is for it to relate to the role you are applying for, instead of putting your educational background at the very top. Employers want applications which have been customised to account for all necessary elements within the job role description.

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The online CV template

Furthermore, once you have chosen the most appropriate structure for your CV, the right online CV template must be decided upon. Thankfully, with the uprise of the Internet, you are spoilt for choice to choose from with examples of CV’s. However,  too much information is just as difficult to navigate through as is too little information. So what should you look for when choosing an online CV creator platform?

  1. Clarity and design of the CV that are proposed. A good CV maker should have at least 20+ designs to choose from . An added benefit, the optionality to customise your very own if you wish to do so. Having a great variety of choice demonstrates the CV maker’s understanding of the market, It also shows the understanding of candidates need for a variety of templates.  Depending on the industry they are looking at and the stage of their career they are currently in, the CV template will differ. 
  2. Ease of use. Most CV Template providers often have lengthy sign in requirements or will not allow you to utilise their platform unless you sign up. Furthermore, once you are enrolled, filling in details through the CV application can be lengthy if not formatted properly. It shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to fill in all your details. Assuming your CV is not 3 pages long!
  3. Formats provided. Make sure the online CV maker platform used can offer you your CV in as many formats as you wish, most importantly Word or PDF format. Employers will have different requirements and it is your role to satisfy any they may have instead of going ahead with your version. This should be the first element to check, the possibility to download in PDF format.

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