How to create a Classic CV

The time has come to start writing your Curriculum Vitae but you are unsure as to which type of CV you would like to use. Whilst many types of CV’s exist, several ones stand out such as the Modern CV, the Professional CV or even more so the Classic CV.

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These are CV which have stood the test of time and continue to be utilised across the world to secure great jobs and boost your professional career.

On this page, we will go into greater detail about the Classic CV but if you wish to find more about the other types, you can do so here. A chronological CV format gives an historical overview of your professional background to date. As it is a layout that has been around for a long time, it is a Classic CV.

3 Key Tips to make a great Classic CV

Personal Details

At the top of any Curriculum Vitae should be all your contact details. We must keep in mind, the aim is not only for the reader to appreciate what he is reading, but also to pick up the phone or ask HR to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

On many occasions, candidates will put too much information in the Classic CV Template, making its purpose more complicated. Ensure you keep this part of the CV light and concise. There is no need to include the latest picture of you or make sure you look amazing. Simply, make sure your contact details such as a valid and professional email address alongside a mobile phone number are present.

Profile – The objective is to create a need!

Remember, the purpose of creating a Classic CV is to instill a need in the recruiter’s eyes. If you are storytelling with no real vision or ambition, your CV will end up in the trash along with many others. Just after your contact details should come a profile statement or an objective. This is a crucial paragraph as it allows you to lay out all your ambitions.

Once more, there is no time to beat around the bush as you are limited by the number of words you can write. The aim is to make sure any recruiter, even if they are not currently looking for anybody, will read your statement and be intrigued to find out more.

Chronological Order

This wouldn’t be a Classical CV if it were not Chronological. By using CV Creator’s numerous Classic CV Templates, you won’t need to worry about the layout. This type of CV is best suited for individuals who have a lot of prior experience in work without having many academic achievements. If you are a student, this is not the type of CV for you. You should be looking at making a Modern CV.

CV Creator goes to great lengths to make sure all candidates have access to as much content as possible. The classic CV is a timeless CV that many recruiters still appreciate in today’s market. So if this is the right one for you, you can get started by creating your Classic CV here!

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