What is a Professional CV ?

What better way to find motivation and get a job than writing a professional CV that will set you up for success. A CV is a vital component for anyone seeking a career change, an entry into the marketplace or looking to change companies within the same industry.

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A professional CV, at its core, is a CV just like any other. However, what differentiates this type of CV from the rest of the crowd is the application throughout to ensure the employer or recruiter will be left impressed by the high standards set out. 

Once you have gotten to that stage, it will all seem easy. Nonetheless, in order to reach that point, you will need to bring together all your relevant skills and achievements onto one A4 piece of paper that will reward you with many interviews.

On this page, you will be able to find out more on what to include in a Professional CV template, how to create one efficiently and what criteria needs to be respected when choosing the right one to download in either PDF or Word format. 

Basic elements of a Professional CV to get right

There is no written rule book on how one should approach the writing of a CV, however several common themes should be recurrent in a CV, no matter which pathway you decide to take. For instance, your CV should cover 5 main areas of interest. Your personal details, academic achievements, prior work experience, personal statement and hobbies. 


Presentation and Length

A successful applicant will always have a CV which is clearly laid out and presentable for any recruiter to admire. Just by looking at the CV template, it should be clear the structure is concise. Also, keep in mind that the employer will naturally place more attention to contents in the top half of your CV, not the bottom. Making sure those first few sentences are on point is critical. 

As always, length does not mean the content will be of less or greater value. Allocate time to making sure every word used has its purpose on your CV and limit your professional CV structure to 2 A4 pages.

Customising the CV for the role

A common mistake seen throughout many applicant CV’s is the generic approach taken. Employers can very quickly determine which candidates have sent a personalised CV to those who will have sent the same CV to 50 different companies in the hope one of them returns. It is essential each application sent is customised to suit the job description of that specific role. 


Professional Experience

If you are an individual with bags of experience, this is your moment to shine. Any CV where in-demand and transferable can be noted in mass will be high up on the wishlist of any recruiter. It is your job to perfect your professional CV structure by making sure all the achievements are listed appropriately. Furthermore, showing how skills learnt in prior positions will be of benefit for the new employer is a guaranteed winner!



A great way to get an external boost which will not be as subjective is to include a list of referees whom an employer can get in touch with to ask if the candidate carried out his role with the same ambition as described on his CV. Getting positive feedback from prior employers is a major positive. 

Professional CV Template with CV Creator 

OK, now the talk is over, it’s time to get to work and create your very own CV with the help of CV Creator. With access to numerous examples, tips and suggestions, your professional CV will be a standout!

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