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Writing a cv personal profile is not an easy task. Finding the right words to express your achievements and skill is no easy task! However this is what differentiate the good from the best! At CV Creator, alongside industry experts, key guidelines to write a winning personal statement.

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What to write in a CV personal profile?

Very often, when starting a CV, candidates jump straight to the job experiences they have had.  Or straight to the hobbies section to input the interests they practice on a regular basis. Personal profile in CV examples are always relatively small. Most candidates fail to start with arguably the most important part of any CV, the personal profile. Above all, it is such an important element as it is the first paragraph that an employer will read.  

The personal profile, otherwise commonly known as an executive summary or personal statement, is a great way to kickstart a CV. By giving a short overview of your skills and ambitions to any employer, you will be saving them a great deal of time. It may be a short paragraph but it is by no means the easiest paragraph to write, especially a cv personal profile.Don’t despair ,we have few key guidelines that will make sure you get to perfect your personal statement in no time! In conclusion, remember a personal statement should be tailored for the job you are applying to and be moulded around your unique set of skills. 

So here are 5 key guidelines to writing a great CV personal profile:

Keep it short but sweet

Whilst there are no strict guidelines or rules to follow, a personal profile on a CV should be relatively short. Considering a CV is no longer than 2 A4 pages, the paragraph should be straight to the point. Demonstrate why you are the right person for the job in a snapshot. Above all, make sure to note any major achievements, be it academic or professional, that could influence the job position you are seeking.

Make it tailored

As with any candidate, you possess your very own set of skills. Not every skill is required for any type of job role so make sure to tailor your statement. In other words, if you are still unsure, check out other cv personal profile examples. This can be done by researching the skills that are needed by the employers. Additionally, you should use those you feel will be able to utilise best should you be employed. Therefore, make sure to include only what is most relevant, not every attribute you have that may not be of much interest even if you excel at it. 

Focus on your ambitions and experiences

This is the part where you need to be very specific in your words. There is no need to map your entire professional career aspirations or horizon but rather concentrate on your career achievements and goals. Make sure to express in a clear manner, your academic achievements and the industries in which you have worked in. 

Be honest

Using facts and figures to make your personal statement even clearer is a very welcome bonus in the eye’s of an employer. The ability to demonstrate in numbers, for example, sales figures, KPI’s achieved measure success in your industry will be greatly appreciated by recruiters. Ensure all numbers and facts provided are truthful. Never assume the employer will not be bothered to determine their legitimacy. 


A very effective tool most candidates ignore but which can save applications and cv personal profiles from going in the bin before they are even sent. Furthermore, make sure to proofread your personal profile for any grammatical and spelling mistakes. Check font sizing and spacing. Ensure the message you are trying to get across is delivered in a coherent and concise manner. Finally, if you are not sure, ask friends or relatives to read your personal statement and determine whether the message is sufficiently clear.

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