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To build a job-winning CV, you need a Modern CV template. Forget all the conventional CV templates. It’s time to create one for the world of tomorrow. Let’s see what it’s all about.

Examples of modern CVs

Choose the CV modern template that suits you best to create your own

Modern CV template

modern CV template

Standard CV template with contemporary colours and designs to make you stand out from the crowd.

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Modern and design CV

modern and design CV

Modern CV that highlights all key elements of a candidate’s career on a single template. Most effective for applicants seeking roles in creative industries.

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Modern CV to download

modern CV to download

CV template with numerous tailored aspects to create the perfect modern CV application.

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Personalised modern CV

personalised modern CV

Personalised modern CV that will get the attention of all recruiters and pass ATS systems.

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Matching the right template for a job advert is key. You are only going to unlock a door with the right key inside. Don’t try to break it down!

Therefore, to get the attention of the hiring manager, you need the correct CV template for you.

This guide will show you how:

  • What is a Modern CV template.
  • When to choose a Modern CV template.
  • Formats and Examples for your Template.
  • Key Points to Takeaway

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Why choose a modern CV template ?

Who is it for?

A modern CV is for candidates who want to be in creative fields. It applies for applicants who need a trendy and stylish CV for their application.

Quite often, you will get an immediate feel for the CV template you need. If you are applying for an old-fashioned industry, this is not the one for you. However, if you are seeking a role in an industry which requires innovation, you better get on board. A modern CV will give the reader a sense of your creative spirits. Perception is key when seeking a job role.

Pro Tip: Whether you are writing a Modern or Original CV template, the format must follow certain rules. The most common type of format is the Chronological CV. Write down your experiences starting with the most recent one. An employer is not interested in events from 10 years ago. Everything must be relevant on your CV.

Modern CV Writing Tips

CV resume must be a reflection of yourself. However, it must be selective. The aim is to respond to the desires of the employer. These are set out in the job advert. You must pick the most appropriate parts of your CV for this position. 

What’s more, the writing style must also match the writer. If you are a creator, this needs to be seeped into your way of writing. Use specific action verbs to demonstrate your skills and past experiences. You can also show some flair by putting your CV colour to match the company logo. Or pick a design that matches the ethos of the firm you are applying for. These small details can go a long way. Especially when there are so many fighting for very few positions.

Choosing a Modern CV Template

The Right Industry

The modern CV is not for every candidate. You will not benefit to use this CV template for every industry. Ensure you choose the right CV for the right industry. Candidates in industries such as technology, marketing or design are required to use a Modern CV. It can also be beneficial to apply for a start-up, regardless of the field. Disruptive technologies always benefit from creativity. Align yourself with the values of the firm by choosing a Modern CV. The hiring manager will be impressed as you understand their image.

Nonetheless, creativity and modernity is not the top priority for every manager. Some may prefer a simple classic or professional cv instead.

Make an Impact

Before a recruiter reads your CV, he will first make a judgement based on its layout. It can be a great way to distinguish yourself from the pack. Bold colour can have a great impact on your CV. It will very likely leave an impression for the hiring manager. This is because 99% of CV’s are without any colour.

Pro Tip : Combine your bold colour choices with a trendy writing style. You will have a winning CV on your hands. It is a breath of fresh air for the reader.

Layout, Format And Example

Modern CV Layout and Format

A few key points for your CV layout. As we mentioned before, the layout can have as much an impact as the contents. Do not underestimate the role of every part of your CV. Make your Modern CV standout by reading these guidelines:

  • Stay aware of current industry trends.
  • Use this CV template if you are seeking a role within a young company. Less than 3 years old.
  • Apply it for industries which need creative individuals to function properly. For example, technology or marketing companies.
  • Impress the recruiting manager. You are unsure if your credentials are sufficient. A creative template can be the key to unlock your potential.
  • Match your identity to your CV. If you are known as being an innovator, this is the CV for you.

As you can see, this CV can be used by a wide variety of candidates. Ensure you read the job advert and keywords to make sure it is the right one for you.

Modern CV Example

A Modern CV resume is defined by bold colours. This example showcases a bright pink colour. Do not worry, you can choose from a wide variety of bold colours for your CV. Bold colours at the top of your CV help attract the eye of the reader. Plenty of space is provided for your CV header.

The Modern CV design is crisp yet modern in its layout. A line clearly separates your work experience from your personal details and key skills. At the top, the CV header used contains a modern font. This CV is one of the bestsellers. The spacing is very clear. This helps the reader as it does not feel like a chore to read your CV.

Download in PDF or Word Format

It’s a Time Saver

In today’s world, you don’t have time to spend hours formatting a CV. By using CV Creator, you will save a lot of precious time. All of our CV templates are easy to access. Simply pick the template for you. Add all the required details using our state of the art real-time builder. It will guide you all the way. Once you have completed all the sections from work experience to hard skills, it’s time to download it.

One final step remains. It may be last but it certainly isn’t the least important. The type of format you choose to download your CV. Picking the right format can prove essential for the recruitment process. Read the job description before choosing. A hiring manager will often give details on the format required. If not, download both WORD and PDF CV formats.

Key Takeaways for your Modern CV Template

Now that you have been given all the elements for a great Modern CV, here is what you need to remember:

  • Begin with a template. The simple idea of a Modern-style CV document is not enough. Ensure a CV template is used to maximise your potential.
  • Use a great font. Choosing the right font for your CV is a fine art. It must match your personality just as much as the job advert. Pick the right one and you are onto a winner.
  • Plenty of space and colours between sections. One of the key elements of this CV is the bold colour choice. Choose this CV if you want to make a clear statement. 
  • Download your CV template in Word or PDF format. Due to its ease of use, you can’t go wrong with this format.

Still have questions unanswered on how to create a winning Word CV Template?

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