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Many opinions exist when it comes to creating the optimal CV for success. Some will tell you that your CV should remain as simple and effective as possible whilst others will suggest, in light of the technology world in which we live in, to step outside the box and insert some funky designs into your own CV design.

Both may have their point of view, however, if you are able to combine a bit of both worlds, you are well on your way to making a good CV.

Recruiters spend a very short time looking at one CV, sometime in between 5 to 10 seconds before making a decision. This means your timeframe to impress is very limited and must comply with all the necessary right from the off.

Examples of design CVs

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Design CV template

design cv template to download

Design your CV for the industry you are applying to. Personalised CV’s are far more effective to get a job interview.

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Design CV model

design cv model PDF

Tailor the design of the CV template by choosing the colours, the fonts, the sections and the contents to appear on the document.

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Versatile CV template design

Versatile CV template design

Versatile CV template design that can be used for national and international applications.

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Design CV pdf

design cv PDF

For creative industries applications, use this CV design template for maximum impact. The eye of the recruiter is already waiting for your CV.

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This may be the only real element you are allowed to take a risk with and play around. The font used across your CV design template should not be extravagant, nor must it be the same font used by the majority of candidates such as Times New Roman or Arial.

If you think about it, after a while, an employer becomes so accustomed to those types of fonts he loses interest. If you are able to find a conservative font which can make a slight but obvious difference, you should most definitely use it.

Structure your CV Design appropriately

To distinguish each compartment of your CV, make sure to use a common differentiator throughout. For example, it may be as simple as skipping one line between each section. This will add clarity to your CV which will be welcomed by any reader.

Furthermore, to break up the text and avoid it becoming clunky, use different fonts for titles and their contents. For example, use Arial for your head titles and Times New Roman for the contents. A key tip to keep in mind, do not use a font you have downloaded from the internet. It may be the most amazing font, however, employers may not have that font and subsequently when opening your CV design template that you created, the font will be different. This can change the whole structure of a CV for nothing!

A CV Design is like a Storyline

Last but not least, a crucial element to build a great CV, which is of paramount importance for everyone here at CV Creator, is to make sure your CV can be read just like a book. It should have a beginning, middle and ending parts. This will make sure your CV remains structured in a logical way.

If one aspect is lacking, all the efforts carried out in other departments will have been in vain. Maintaining consistency is the key to success and the same process applies at the very beginning as it does at the end. Therefore, keep these points in mind when making your CV Design.

If you are still unsure or confused as to how to approach this, you can view many of our winning CV designs templates here.

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