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Who doesn’t want to have an attractive CV to handover to a recruiter? No one right? That’s why a Creative CV is a great choice for almost any candidate. Let’s find out why.

Examples of creative CVs

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Creative CV example

creative CV template

Creative CV template to be filled online for applicants seeking a career in industries such as Marketing and the Arts.

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Creative and modern CV

CV original y moderno

Creative and modern CV design for anyone looking for a versatile CV template. Many colours to choose from.

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Creative CV with photo

creative CV with photo

For candidates who want to stand out from the crowd, this creative CV will set you on the right path.

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Creative CV example

creative CV example

Numerous graphics designs to choose from. Tailor this CV template for your needs.

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However, to get started, you need a CV Template. A Creative CV Template is the first step to success.

A good looking CV Template can make all the difference for an application. It gives a professional look to any CV. And it demonstrates you have spent time creating a quality document for the reader. These are small details every recruiter wants to see in an applicant. No matter which industry or country you are applying in, a Creative CV can help you.

Therefore, to get the attention of the hiring manager, you need the right CV template for you.

This guide will show you how:

  • Who needs a Creative CV template.
  • How to structure your CV.
  • Format, Layout and Examples of a Creative CV.
  • Key Points to Takeaway

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Why choose a creative CV template?

Who needs this CV Format?

Creative CV Template is for all candidates. In particular, those who want to work in creative fields. This can be in marketing, technologies or industries of tomorrow. Nonetheless, corporate candidates who want to freshen up their CV can also benefit. This CV is both versatile and efficient.

In most cases, you choose a CV format based on the job you are seeking. With a Creative CV, you can apply it to any industry. Innovation is always welcome by hiring managers. It provides confidence and will give the reader the desire to read more. What’s more, this CV can be applied to any CV type. Be it a Chronological, Functional or Combination CV, they are all valid. It is a matter of personal preference.

Pro Tip: Be careful to not let a Creative CV backfire on you. It can be easy to get carried away with the design of a CV. It must always remain appropriate for the candidacy and meet requirements. If you want to be a graphic designer, the graphics of your CV will have high expectations. If you are seeking a role with report writing, make sure your grammar and spelling is on point. Above all, the reader’s eye must flow easily from section to section.

Creative CV Writing Tips

A Creative CV, as mentioned, will largely be focused on the visual aspects. Therefore, it is important to influence the reader with fonts, coloured text and layout. However, you can go the extra mile with the delivery of the CV. In most cases, a CV is sent online. For a creative candidate, there is a strong likelihood the submission is done in person. Ensure the colour of the paper, the quality of printing and envelope match your aspirations.

Tailor your CV to the industry chosen. Ask yourself what are the values of the company you are applying to. Look at their website and seek the marketing page. Understand their marketing approach and apply it to your CV.

Finally, as well as meeting the needs of a firm and the hiring manager, it must reflect your personality. Show that you understand the values of a firm whilst applying your personal touch. This can be the differentiating factor amongst strong candidates. Personality traits can play a great role. Remember, every detail is important in a CV. Especially a Creative CV.

Creative CV Structure


The aim of a Creative CV is to add a personal touch. This must be a reflection of your personality. For candidates, this can be expressed in numerous manners. Innovation is always appreciated, especially for a CV. Hiring managers see the same document thousands of times. Imagine their surprise to read something different. It will keep the reader interested.

These guidelines can help you find some extra inspiration if you are unsure:

  • Portfolio Inspiration: Inspire yourself by taking a piece from your own designs. A CV can look more attractive with images which promote your skills. They will give the reader an initial overview of your portfolio. Use the CV as a way to promote your showreel or portfolio. Ensure the type of designs chosen for your CV reflect the job role. In addition, make sure they can be seen clearly throughout your CV. Finally, balance written content, images and the amount of white space needed to create a great CV. The small details can make all the difference. 
  • Skills Inspiration: Use your CV to showcase a specific skill. This applies for applicants who create visual work. Be inspired by your activity to create an innovative CV. If you are passionate about chocolate, add cocoa beans from around the world. Good illustration skills can be a great way to leverage your creativity. A great way to catch the eye of the reader is to express a sense of humour or evoke a storyline. Above all, make sure the quality of the design is kept up throughout your CV. This can be applied with any type of CV.

Personal Statement

A Creative CV does not always require a personal profile. However, to kickstart your CV, a personal statement is a great way to introduce yourself. Arguably the most difficult section to write, it offers the greatest rewards. It should be short but concise. Outline your key skills (graphic designer, artist) and experiences. Also, mention what you wish to achieve in the future through ambitions and goals. Make sure you state these points in an impactful way. Remember, you only have 4 lines to complete it.

Finally, ensure the skills you have are of use for the firm. Remember, the key is to meet the demands of the firm, not impose yours.


Under your personal profile, add your education. List all your academic qualifications. If you are a student, click here for a full guide. Apply the reverse chronology method and include relevant dates. The more recent qualifications should be mentioned in greater detail. Disregard any college results if you have completed a degree.

A recruiter will not be interested with all your grades. Only include those which are relevant for the job description. Further information such as a list of key modules can be added as bullet points. Add the subject of your dissertation thesis if you did well or feel it can be valued by the recruiter. Once more, make sure it is relevant to the firm you are applying to.

Work Experience

The main section of your CV, work experience. Recruiters want to see relevant experience, paid work, placements and freelance work. For a creative CV, placements are expected. Therefore, you may want to separate these into two sections. For each entry, write them in reverse chronological order. It should include the date, the name of the firm, the position and tasks carried out. Use bullet points to outline daily tasks you undertook in each role, it will add great structure to your CV. Backup these tasks with tangible achievements if possible.

Pro tip : Employ action words to describe job roles. Be factual and concise throughout. It will make the interview process much easier. Avoid using the first person “I” in your sentences.

Layout, Format And Example

Creative CV Layout and Format

A few things to keep in mind for your CV layout. The layout CV of a CV can be just as impactful as its contents. Never undermine some sections of your CV you deem unimportant. As Steve Jobs statesquality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.

Make your Creative CV be a winner by applying these guidelines:

  • Inspire yourself by your creative talents to create a winning one.
  • Apply this CV template if you want to work in creative industries.
  • Find the keywords in the job advert before your start. They are the framework for your CV.
  • Follow the CV Structure outlined. A chronological CV works best with this template.

This CV template can be applied in many industries. Nonetheless, it makes more sense if you are a creator or designer. Tailor your CV to the job description and the keywords employed.

Creative CV Example

A Creative CV is a personalised CV. Your personality must be reflected through the CV. A recruiter can make a decision based on the visual aspect of your CV.

This example is defined by a variety of colours and an innovative look. Sections are separated by a mix of bright and dark colours. At the top, the entire CV header is left for your name and personal details. It focuses the attention of the reader. On the left hand side, a darker column is provided for your profile, skills and hobbies. Finally, the main body is reserved for your education and work experience. They are the backbone of your CV. Apply the font which represents you best. Just make sure the recruiter will be able to read it.

Download in Word and PDF Format

Go with the Flow

You often come across applicants who complain their application was never received. It may well have ended in the spam section. Why? Because they did not use a recognised format for their CV. Avoid this simple mistake.

In 2021, we live in a digital world. Formatting a CV for hours on end is a no-no. Especially if you are a creator. Use your time to create a unique CV. By using CV Creator, you will save a lot of precious time. Our CV templates are easy to access. Simply pick the template for you. Add all the required details using our state of the art real-time builder. It will guide you all the way. After filling in details for every section, download your CV.

Finally, pick the right format for you. CV Creator offers both Word and PDF formats. Picking the right format can prove essential for the recruitment process. Read the job description before choosing. A hiring manager will often give details on the format required. If not, download both WORD and PDF CV formats.

Key Takeaways for your Creative CV Template

Now that you have all the tools to make a great CV, here is what you need to remember:

  • Start with the right template. Use a Creative CV template if you want to showcase your personal portfolio designs.
  • Research the company. Find out how the company operates, the skills desired and how the firm works within the industry.
  • Add a personal profile. The personal profile is like an elevator pitch. It has to be short and sweet. It may be a small section but its importance cannot be understated. 
  • Speak with industry professionals. Gain some insider knowledge on how the industry operates before you create your CV.
  • Proofread for spelling mistakes. Your CV should not contain any spelling mistakes.
  • Download your CV template in Word or PDF format. They are the formats every recruiter expects. Go with their requirements.

Still have questions unanswered on how to create a great Creative CV?

Not sure if you will get the attention of a recruiter with your talent? Then please get in touch here. We would love to help you reach your dream career.

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