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Do you enjoy creating new things or promoting products to increase their sales potential? Want to be part of one the biggest industries in the world which earned more than $300 billion over the past year? The only solution is to create an advertising CV today.

The core elements of the advertising industry are to conceptualise, produce and distribute advertising campaigns. Whilst advertising was predominantly traditional mass-media orientated, the rise of the internet has changed the industry for ever. These key changes are crucial to make sure your application CV will stand out.

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The key trends to include in your Advertising CV

Many technologies companies who had little influence over advertising have suddenly become major players in this field. For example, the likes of Facebook and Google are now mammoths in the space. If you are thinking of joining this space, where to go? The United States of America represents nearly 50% of the global ad spend, making it the largest single country market by far. However, you will also be well taken care of in Europe. 

Furthermore, the scope has changed for advertising companies. More than ever, agencies are using talent recruitment as the most effective way to get a message across. Also, as there is an increasing shortage of great advertising individuals, companies are forced to create internal advertising departments. To maximise your employment potential, make sure your Advertising CV is targeted to companies growing their in-house capabilities.

Top Skills to include on your winning CV 

As with any industry, there is a certain list of skills which are indispensable for any recruiter of the HR department to find on CV’s. Advertising is no different. Probably the most crucial skill to work in this industry over the long term is creativity. Without being creative, you are unlikely to find anyone willing to employ you. Demonstrate this on your CV by providing past experiences where you have built objects, websites, ideas or even cooking recipes! Anything that can demonstrate your creative juices. 

Secondly, teamwork. The advertising field is well-known to be a team work effort. When a project is assigned, you will have to brainstorm with other advertisers to come up with ideas. Working with colleagues on common goals is essential to create a good idea and make the client happy. 

Finally, patience. Whilst it can be a fast paced environment at times, patience is often required. There will be many backwards and forwards moments where you interact with the client to make sure he is happy with the finished product. This can sometimes take months until it is finally ready. 

Time to make your Advertising CV 

The best time to get started is today. Now that you are in possession of all the key elements to build a winning advertising CV template, you just need to get going. With CV Creator offering many additional examples and tips to benefit from, your winning CV will be ready in no time!

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