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Sometimes simplicity is the best way to make a first impression. That’s why an Original CV is a great way to kickstart any career. Let’s find out why.

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Original and modern CV template

Original and modern CV template

An example of an original and modern CV to download in PDF format. Create your own online now.

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Original CV template PDF

Original CV template PDF

This original blue CV will be perfect to make you stand out from other candidates for your interviews. Use our editor to fill it in now.

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Original CV to download

Original CV to download

Download this original CV template and make your own. Ideal for all jobs and internships.

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Original CV exemple to filled in

Original CV exemple to filled in

Great example of a creative and original CV. Create your own online from our CV editor.

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To get started, you need a CV template. An Original CV template is the initial step to success.

A well-rounded CV template can make a great impact without a word of your CV being read. Perception is key to making an impression. This could not be more important when it comes to making a CV. It shows you are serious and want to make a good first impression.

Think about it, if the reader needs to make a choice between two CV’s to read, they will make a visual choice. 

So, no matter what career you are seeking, an Original CV can help you get a foot through the door.

This guide will show you how:

  • Who needs an original CV template.
  • How to structure your CV.
  • Format, layout and examples of an original CV. 
  • Key points to takeaway

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Original CV template

Who needs this type of CV format?

An OriginalCV Template can attract candidates of all fields. In particular, it should be the first choice for those looking for work in the corporate world. This can be any type of work that will take place in a workplace such as an office. It can also be applied by applicants who wish to be more cautious with their candidacy. This CV is simple yet practical at the same time.

It is common to apply a bottom-up approach to choose a CV format. This is because you make a decision based on the career you want. Not the type of CV. Thankfully, an Original CV is very versatile. Recruiters will never have trouble understanding this format. It follows a simple structure which will give the reader great clarity. What’s more, this CV can be applied to any CV type. Be it a Chronological, Functional or Combination CV, they all work a treat! The choice is yours. 

Pro Tip: Be careful to not get too comfortable with an Original CV. It can be easy to believe the CV format will carry your application. Do not force the type of CV to match with your credentials. There is no point to use an Original CV if you are applying for a Marketing position. The hiring manager will expect a creative design for the CV. Above all else, a reader’s eyes must flow easily from section to section. 

Original CV writing tips 

An original CV is focused on the traditional aspects of a CV. Remember, the reason the Original CV has been around for so long is because it works. Proper execution can take your application much further than a better looking CV. Most recruiters know what to expect with this CV type. You do not need to stand out in every aspect of an application. As long as you carry out the essentials perfectly, you will be ahead of the pack. 

Customise your CV for the work field you have chosen. Brainstorm the values of the company you are applying to. Check their website to get an overall understanding of the company ethos. Understand what the company desires in its applicants and implement it on your CV. 

Lastly, the Original CV is known to lack personality. The only section of your CV where you can demonstrate your personality is with your hobbies. Make sure to focalise your attention on your personal statement and hobbies sections. They can be the difference between an interview and a simple rejection. Showcase you have done your research by instilling the values of the firm throughout. Personality traits can dictate your fate. Choose carefully. Remember, every detail is important in a CV. Especially in an Original CV.

Original CV structure

Getting the basics right 

The aim of an Original CV is to execute the basics well. This must be a reflection of your personality. For candidates, this can be expressed in numerous manners. Simplicity is often under appreciated, especially for a CV. Hiring managers see the same document thousands of times. Small details executed to perfection can go a long way. Finally, a personal touch such as an introductory quote can be great. It will attract the reader’s attention. 

These guidelines can help you find some extra inspiration if you are unsure:

  • No spelling mistakes: There is no easier way to get eliminated from a recruitment process than spelling mistakes. Companies use ATS software which automatically deletes CV’s with poor spelling. Therefore, it means your CV does not even get the chance to be read by the recruiter. Avoid spelling mistakes by proofreading your CV religiously. If you are unsure, ask relatives and friends to read your CV as well.
  • Clear CV structure: Clarity throughout your CV is a huge benefit. Most applicants attempt to include as much information in their CV. This often ends up being a reason why an application is not kept. To disregard presentation can be a huge setback for your CV. Good illustration skills can be a great way to leverage your skills. 

Personal statement 

An Original CV must feature a personal profile. As you are distinguishing yourself with visual aspects, words play a huge role in your offering. Therefore, to kickstart your CV, a personal statement is a great way to introduce yourself. Arguably the most difficult section to write, it offers the greatest rewards. Outline your key skills (coding, computer science) and experiences. Furthermore, mention your ambitions and goals for the future. Ensure you mention these points in an impactful way. Remember, you only have 4 lines to complete it. 

Finally, make sure every detail given is tailored to the company. Remember, the key is to meet the demands of the firm, not impose yours.  

Work experience

The core section of a CV, work experience. Especially for an Original CV template. Recruiters should see all relevant work experience, internships and apprenticeships. For an Original CV,all three types are expected.

Start the work experience section in reverse chronological order. This should include the company name, the position held, the length and daily duties carried out. Use bullet points to outline daily tasks you undertook in each role, it will greatly improve the structure of your CV. Backup these bullet points with practical achievements and numbers. This will help the recruiter quantify your achievements.

Pro tip : Employ action words to describe job roles. Be factual and concise throughout. It will make the interview process much easier. 


Under your work experience, add your prior education. List all your academic qualifications. If you are a student, click here for a full guide. Use the same structure as for your work experience. Start with the most recent qualification and work backwards. The more recent qualifications should contain greater detail. Use bullet points throughout. Disregard any college results if you have completed a degree.

Pro tip: A recruiter will not be interested in all your grades. Only include those which are relevant for the job description. Further information such as a list of key modules can be added as bullet points. Add the subject of your dissertation thesis if you did well or feel it can be valued by the recruiter. Once more, make sure it is relevant to the firm you are applying to.

Layout, format and example 

Original CV layout and format

Your CV layout should not be disregarded. The layout of a CV can have just as much of an impact as its contents. Do not believe some sections of your CV are less important. As John Ruskin states, quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent efforts.

Make your Original CV be a winner by applying these guidelines:

  • Make your CV standout by focusing on all your skills. 
  • Use this CV template if you want to work in an office job. 
  • Research the keywords in the job advert before your start. They will give you a great framework on which to base your CV.
  • Follow the CV Structure outlined. A chronological CV works best with this template. 

This CV template can be applied to many industries. Nonetheless, it makes more sense if you are looking for a traditional style job. Tailor your CV to the job description and the keywords employed. 

Original CV example

An Original CV is a customised CV. Your personality should be reflected through the skills you put on your CV. However, a recruiter can make a decision based solely on the visual aspects of your CV. 

The Original CV template is distinguished for its four clear sections. With the application of subtle tone colours throughout, it provides a conservative yet efficient layout. Sections are separated by a mix of light grey and blue. At the top, the CV header is left for your name. It grabs the attention of the reader. Below, two sections are provided for your work experience and education. They are the core of your CV.On the left hand side, a column is provided for your profile, skills and hobbies. Apply a font which represents you best. Make sure it matches the type of role you are applying for. 

female create cv

Download in Word and PDF format

Go with the status quo

You may often hear candidates who don’t know why their application was never received. It may well have ended in junk emails. Why? Because they did not send their CV with a recognised CV format. Avoid this simple mistake. 

In 2021, we live in a digital world. Formatting a CV for hours on end should no longer occur. Use your precious time to build a unique CV. By using CV Creator, you will save yourself vital time. Our CV templates are easy to use. Simply choose the template for you. Insert all the required details using our state of the art real-time builder. It will guide you all the way. After filling in details for every section, download your CV.

Lastly, pick the right format for you. CV Creator offers both Word and PDF formats. Picking the right format can prove essential for the recruitment process. Read the job description before choosing. A hiring manager will often give details on the format required. If not, download both WORD and PDF CV formats. 

Key Takeaways for your Original CV Template

Now that you have all the tools to create your CV, here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • Begin with the right template. Use an Original CV template if you are seeking a traditional corporate job.
  • Research the company. Find out what are the company value’s, the skills required and how the firm works within the industry. This will help personalise your CV.
  • Include a personal statement. The personal statement is a shortened version of your CV. It has to be short and precise. It may be a small section but its importance cannot be understated. 
  • Interact with industry professionals. Gain some insider knowledge on the dynamics of the industry before you build your CV. 
  • Proofread for spelling mistakes. Your CV should not contain any spelling mistakes.
  • Download your CV template in Word or PDF format. They are the formats every recruiter expects. Go with their requirements.

Still have questions unanswered on how to build a great Original CV?

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