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Do I need to include a picture of myself on a CV? The simple answer is no. In fact, it is highly recommended. Let’s find out why. Nonetheless, to build a winning CV, you need a CV Template. A CV template without a picture is a great way to get started.

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CV template without picture

CV template without picture

Candidates who require a CV without any pictures. Suitable for industries where privacy is essential or required by law.

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Design CV without picture

design CV without picture

If you need a CV that will do the talking for you without a profile picture, this is the template for you. Amend fonts and colours as necessary.

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Original CV without picture

original CV without picture

CV template which can be used for any industry or level of seniority.

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Classic CV without picture

classic CV without picture

Applying abroad often means different rules. Using this timeless without picture CV template for maximum effect.

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Every country has its own style and needs. In the United Kingdom, including a picture in your CV is hotly debated. Most UK employers do not like to see a picture on a CV however European employers do not mind. Don’t worry, stay tuned and we will explain all the benefits of a CV template without a picture.

Most important, to get the attention of the hiring manager, you need the right CV template for you.

This guide will show you how:

  • Who should use a CV template without a picture.
  • How to structure your CV.
  • Format, Layout and Examples of a CV without a picture.
  • Key Points to Takeaway

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CV Template Without Picture

Who Should Use this CV Format?

CV Template without Picture is for applicants who want to work in the UK. This is due to strict employment laws in place to avoid unfair decisions being made based on race, sex or age.

Most often, a CV format is chosen based on your job application. It is the one which suits your credentials best. This is amplified in this scenario. The recruiter cannot make a visual decision based on your looks. Only your skills and experience will determine your level of success. This is known as the Functional CV type. For some, this may seem unfair, for others, a golden opportunity.

Pro Tip: As no picture can reveal your visual identity, skills play a vital role in this scenario. Focus your attention on soft and hard skills alike. Both types are necessary for a job role. You will often find keywords scattered throughout a job advert. They are the needs of the employer. It is your job to respond to them.

Demonstrate how you have developed these skills and how to apply them in a new role. In addition, ATS software is used by UK recruiters. It will automatically disqualify a CV with a picture.

CV Without Picture Writing Tips

As you need to convince the reader with written words only, a few writing tips can go a long way. A common mistake found on a UK CV is to use American english spelling. Avoid this error. To bypass this basic error, make sure to use English (UK) in Microsoft Word. This will allow Word to correct all words which use American spelling. Whilst these types of errors do not eliminate you, they show a lack of research.

In addition, several words used in the job advert will not be the same as other countries. Many countries can use slightly different words to describe the same skill. For example, the United Kingdom uses soft skills. In an American CV, interpersonal skills will be mentioned.

Therefore, it is key to research the country or industry you want to apply for before you write. This applies for every candidate. Many skills are transferable between industries.

CV Without Picture Structure

Personal Statement

A CV without a picture must focus on its content. To kickstart your CV, a personal statement is required. Create an impact from the instant the reader glances at your CV. It should be short but concise. Outline your key skills and experiences, ambitions and vision for the future. Remember, you must fit this in 4 lines.

Above all, showcase the skills you have which can be useful for a firm. Remember, the key is to meet the demands of the firm, not impose yours.


Under your personal statement, add your education. This applies mostly for a Graduate CV. Click here for a full guide. Even if you are no longer a student or graduate, add your most recent education. A recruiter wants to see the type of grades you achieved and the modules you took. Add a list of key modules and the title of a dissertation thesis. Do not forget to mention key achievements. Once again, make sure it is relevant to the firm you are applying to.

Work Experience

The main section of your CV, work experience. Provide bullet points for all the key daily tasks you undertook in each role. Add your job position and the firm you worked for.

A recruiter loves bullet points. They are easy to read and quick to go through. Ensure skills match the criteria set out in the job description. In addition, it will add great structure to your CV.

Layout, Format And Example

CV without Picture Layout and Format

A few things to keep in mind for your CV layout. The layout CV of a CV can be just as impactful as its contents. Every element of a CV is important. Do not think some parts are more important than others. As John Wooden statesit’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. 

Make your CV without picture be a winner by applying these guidelines:

  • Focus on the contents of your CV to create a winning one.
  • Use this CV template if you want to work in the United Kingdom for the first time.
  • Underline keywords before you start to write. They are the framework for your CV.
  • Follow the CV Structure outlined. A functional CV works best with this template.

This CV template can apply to many candidates. Every applicant is different. Tailor your CV to the job description and the keywords employed.

UK CV Example

A CV without a picture can be described as elegant and centered. In the UK, a recruiter will not make a decision based on the colour of your CV. It is highly recommended to keep black as the colour of choice.

This example is defined by its clarity and simplicity. Three horizontal lines help define each section from one another. At the top, your name is placed at the center. The reader cannot avoid it. For the personal details, icons help the reader to understand. Finally, the main sections are well spaced out. This makes it easy to read. The font used is limited to Arial or Times New Roman. Recruiters do not want fancy fonts.

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Go with the Flow

You often come across applicants who complain their application was never received. It may well have ended in the spam section. Why? Because they did not use a recognised format for their CV. Avoid this simple mistake.

In 2021, we live in a digital world. Formatting a CV for hours on end is a no-no. By using CV Creator, you save a lot of precious time. All of our CV templates are easy to access. Simply pick the template for you. Add all the required details using our state of the art real-time builder. It will guide you all the way. After filling in details for every section, download your CV.

Finally, pick the right format for you. CV Creator offers both Word and PDF formats. Picking the right format can prove essential for the recruitment process. Read the job description before choosing. A hiring manager will often give details on the format required. If not, download both WORD and PDF CV formats.

Key Takeaways for your CV Template

Now that you have all the tools to make a great CV, here is what you need to remember:

  • Start with the right template. Use a CV without picture template if you want to focus on your skills, experience and education.
  • Research the keywords. Accustom yourself to do proper research before starting to write a CV. Highlight all keywords in job advert as base.
  • Proofread for spelling mistakes. Your CV should not contain any spelling mistakes. Also make sure it does not have any americanised spelling words.
  • Add a personal statement. If your CV does not include a picture, you need to impress with your words. Keep in mind the personal profile is like an elevator pitch. Short and sweet.  
  • Download your CV template in Word or PDF format. They are the formats every recruiter expects. Go with their requirements.

Still have questions unanswered on how to create a winning CV without a picture Template?

Not sure if you will get the attention of a recruiter with your skills? Then please get in touch here. We would love to help you reach your dream career.

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