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A career change can seem daunting at first, especially if we have only known one industry our entire professional lives. No need to worry, you are in the right hands here at CV Creator as we have put together CV templates for any career change! From contact details, to personal statement and work experiences, we cover all aspects.

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CV template career change

CV template career change

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CV example career change

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Why a Career Change?

When you have worked in a particular industry for numerous years and feel you have reached all your desired goals. These were set out when you first started and feel the need to try something new, then a career change is the next step forward. In adddition, as have you have been in the same industry for many years, you are probably wondering how to go about creating a career change CV? Don’t worry, we have put together a few key guidelines for the perfect career change CV template.

Creating a Career Change CV

Personal Statement 

The first step any Career Change CV should consist of is writing a short personal statement about yourself and your past experiences. The aim is to make the employer aware of your skill set and your desire to take these skills into a new industry.


With more than 12 years of experience in the Automotive industry as a sales director, I have a proven track record of increasing showroom sales year on year and ensuring sustainable growth for automotive companies. With my wide set of skills, from marketing to developing a coherent business plan based around the core product, I have been able to leverage skills to turn numerous failing showrooms into profitable ones. After achieving everything I set out to achieve in this industry, I would like to take on a new challenge in an exciting industry. My aim is to make a company stand out from its peers by providing excellent service and ensuring our products are best in class. 

Professional Experiences

Since you are seeking a Career Change, it is important to highlight all the types of skill you have amassed in your past experiences. Make sure they are as varied and valuable as possible in industries you are seeking. Starting with your most recent professional experience, highlight the key role you occupied and any key achievements you had. Even if the career change has absolutely no reference to your previous experiences, numerous skills are transferable. Employers will know what to look out for when someone is seeking a new career. 



Sales Director – Aston Martin Lagonda Plc


  • Managing robust sales process ( from initial client meeting to handing over purchased car)
  • Growing used car sales division 
  • Motivating sales team to meet targets 
  • Maintaining very high standard of service 


Head of Engineering, Durham  – Spirax-Sarco Engineering 

  • Overall responsibility for Engineering activities across the business 
  • Create and implement best practice engineering vision and strategy 
  • Ensure engineering strategies and processes are in place to meet business objectives
  • Take ownership of the engineering policy and guidelines


A career change CV will have a section of your past studies. Whilst this may not be so relevant as you are most likely at a stage in your career where your professional career outweighs your education in terms of years. The aim of this section is simply to demonstrate your academic capabilities. If you had excellent grades at university, it is always a major bonus. Furthemore, demonstrating how key modules have helped you develop crucial skills is a feature employers always look out for.



Msc Financial Engineering (King’s College London)

Key Modules 



BSc Business Management (UCL)

Key Modules 


As it is often disregarded in CV’s, hobbies can play a huge role in swaying an employer. If you feel you have a mediocre CV, this is your chance to get back in pole position. The aim of hobbies is to showcase what you do in your spare time. If you are seeking a Career Change, this becomes even more crucial. Employers will look at this section to see what other skills you have that can be used in their firm. Most candidates will not expand on their hobbies or provide very generic hobbies such as Sports or Travelling. Be more specific.



  • Rugby ( Playing as a Winger for a club for 5 years)
  • Badminton ( Playing once a week in local community club)


  • Making new dishes and creating new recipes with simple ingredients (Passionate about Italian cuisine and products in particular)

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