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As students we all know the feeling, a blank Word page with little inspiration to get started.. Well those worries can now be put aside as we have created CV template for students! Taking into account the student profile, our templates will put you on the right path to success.

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CV template for students

CV template for students

For students who need a simple yet effective CV template to get on the jobladder, look no further.

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Professional CV for students

professional CV for students

A CV does not need to be complicated. This professional CV template will ensure any student gets the attention of a recruiter.

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Standard CV template

Standard CV template

Standard CV template for students to use. Customise the colours depending on the industry you are applying for.

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CV for students without picture

CV for students without picture

Students, this is the CV Template for you. An effective and slick design that can be tailored with the colours of your choice.

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How to Approach a Student CV

Where to Start?

Are you looking for your first job after leaving university?  Unsure what to write? Don’t worry! Many students are in the same boat as you. Rest assured, there are plenty of things to write in a CV template for students. Even if you don’t have work experience just yet!

How to be successful in applications

The differentiating factor for a Student CV comes from the candidate’s desire to go above the necessary requirements and make sure they give the best version of themselves. This can be achieved through numerous ways, most notably researching and asking successful students before them to see how the application process went and what employers are looking for from a student’s CV when they put it online. To provide a more in-depth analysis on the approach that should be undertaken by students, we will go through each main category.

What to include in a student CV

Personal Statement

A mistake most students make when writing their personal statement is to create a generic personal statement. In addition, by replacing a few keywords on their cv template for students depending on the job role they are seeking. The UK Market CV is very demanding for a tailored personal statement, not a one size fits all approach.  A personal statement should be bespoke for every application. Furthermore, an employer can easily determine which candidates have taken the time to do it properly. 

The ideas to put across to the reader should be who you are, what you bring to the organisation and your career goals. When attempting to transmit these points, make sure you are as specific as you can be, and if possible, provide relevant examples to back up your statements. 

Education and Competences

Since you are most likely to have minimal work experience, it is best to concentrate on areas where you can be far more credible. Competences, which can be developed not just in your professional career, will most likely develop whilst in education or through hobbies. Make sure to demonstrate your best skills and how they are transferable to the position you are applying for. 

If you are just about to leave University or currently enrolled, education should be a large focus of your CV. Starting in reverse chronological order, all qualifications and achievements should be stated going back to A-Levels. Additionally, grades should be stated very clearly with an emphasis on key modules. Above all, those that have helped you developed skills. The same can be said for university Modules.  Any relevant  skills for the role you are looking to fill will go a long way to making the application process a success. 


A crucial paragraph within any student’s CV is the hobby section.  Employers filter through thousands of undergraduates with the same degrees and grades. Therefore, finding a differentiating factor can be very difficult, especially if all the candidates are of high quality!

Hobbies are a great way to showcase yourself and expose what you do with your free time. Don’t be afraid to go into a bit of detail. For example, if you are part of a sports team, mention the number of years and competitions you have participated. Furthermore, the employer should not have to guess your level of competency, it is up to you to make it clear. Finally, if you still aren’t too sure what to include in your application, please see our CV tip section for some more inspiration. 


A final helping point when you are a student is the boost a good reference from a professor or current lecturer can do for you. Employers can always make use of referees to get more information from a student CV. Additionally, they will always take notice when they receive a good reference note for a candidate.  This shows their peers value the individual highly. Therefore, make sure to maintain a good relationship with your lecturers and mentors.  This can increase your chances through a simple letter of encouragement.

Good luck!

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