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Harvesting crops? Livestock feeding? Grazing? Are these terms that make you feel excited about going to work? Then you need to create your Agriculture CV today. With the world population expected to hit 9 Billion by 2050, the demand for farmers is growing fast.

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As the need for food crops grows, so does the technology, to support these fields in their development. There is no better time to join the agriculture industry which will continue to see secular growth long into the future. 

What goes on in the Agriculture Industry?

If you are interested in this industry but are unsure as to how you could fit in, don’t worry we will show you how. Agriculture covers many types of production, from dairy farming to vegetables, tobacco or even flowers. 

In the United Kingdom, agriculture uses almost ⅔ of the country’s land area, showcasing its importance. It also employs close to 500,000 people on a yearly basis. With food shortages expected globally, this number will continue to grow. You can take advantage today by choosing an Agriculture CV template and start sending applications. 

Furthermore, in addition to creating stable jobs and producing many tonnes of food for the country, it also provides green energy sources. Farmers are opening up their land to include wind turbines, solar panels and produce biomass from corn.

Key Skills to include on your CV

Maybe the most important skill to possess in this field is adaptability. As a professional in the agriculture industry, you need to be able to adapt quickly to changing consumer demands. Furthermore, technological advances are coming faster than ever. This means keeping up is difficult but necessary if you want to succeed. 

Secondly, interpersonal skills are just as essential when building your Agriculture CV. Depending on which you occupy in the supply chain, you will most likely be negotiating on behalf of an entity. Also, you may need to collect raw commodities to ship to a manufacturing plant. This will require constant interaction with your supplier, the farmer. 

Thirdly, time management is the third ingredient necessary for a winning CV. As your role will be to grow, produce or ship it on to manufacturers, timing is crucial. For example, planting the initial seeds into the ground depends on weather conditions. It is the farmer’s job to make sure the timing is accurate and in line with guidelines. It is necessary not only to make sure he will be able to sell produce but also cover his costs.

Time to create your Agriculture CV with CV Creator

Okay, we have told you all you need to know about the Agriculture field. The only element missing is to build a great Agriculture CV template. With many ideas and examples to benefit from, with CV Creator, you are on the cusp of success!

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