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How to create a Baker CV

Passionate about baking breads and cakes? Do you love the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning? Wish you could make bread from scratch and watch people eat your product with a big smile on their face? Then what are you waiting for, the time to create a Baker CV is now!

Every country in the world has their own baking traditions, the United Kingdom is no different. With many counties looking for bakers, now is a great time to grab a Baker CV Template and make your own.

A few facts about the Baking Industry

People have been making bread in one form or another for the past 10,000 years. The yeast element only came 3,000 years when the Egyptians started putting it in their mixes. Whilst most bread loaves made in the UK are manufactured by large companies, a multitude of small bakeries continue to exist.

The United Kingdom consumes more than 12 million loaves a year, making it a £3.5 billion industry per year. Not bad! So if you are passionate about baking or pastries, now is a great time to create your Baker CV.

What is to be included in a Baker’s skillset ?

Many skills combine to create a good Baker. First and foremost, it is a job that requires a lot of trial and error, experience, to create the perfect breadmaker. Therefore good scratch baking skills are essential to find employment in this field. A large dose of passion is equally necessary, as bakers are rarely well-paid, especially if they do not own the bakery in which they work.

Furthermore, an ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines is crucial. Bakers must make sure all bread is baked before clients start to come in early in the morning. Finally, a baker must be willing to work unsociable hours which requires flexibility and stamina. All these skills will go a long way when creating a Baker CV. Should you lack inspiration, you can access all our baker cv examples. They are a great source of inspiration for many candidates.

Building your Baker CV with CV Creator

Now that you have found all the necessary requirements to become a great baker, the final step is to start applying and fulfill your dreams! At CV Creator, we have gone to great length to create a seamless and informative process to unlock your potential. With many Baker CV tips and examples to filter through, creating a CV will be a breeze.

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