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The demand to find competent Chefs has never been greater. With the population wanting even more great food delivered to their door from the best restaurants, this can only mean one thing! The need for more great chefs. If food has always been your passion or you enjoy working in a stressful environment, we will show you how to enter the cooking industry. To kickstart that dream, the most important element will be to create a winning Chef CV. 

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Demand for Chef CV in the United Kingdom

The catering industry is one of the biggest employers in the world as more and more people go out for dinner and experience restaurant dining. However, whilst demand may be growing strongly with more and more restaurants worldwide and in the United Kingdom, the number of chefs and catering staff is not able to keep up with the demand. Known for its long hours, stressful set ups and lack of social life due to long hours, it is in an industry which demands a lot of passion and patience to succeed.

The advantages of creating a CV

A chef’s main purpose is to create a menu of dishes and lead a group of staff in executing dishes but also ensuring services run smoothly. This demands numerous skills which do not limit themselves to those in the kitchen. In the United Kingdom, an impending crisis of staff shortages is bubbling as many European nationals will head home due to Brexit. They have been the backbone of the industry for many years.  

Key skills to include on a Chef CV Template

To succeed in a restaurant kitchen and especially as a chef or head chef, several key skills are necessary to succeed and remain at the top. If you are employed by a chain, where you will not be asked to create your own menu, the most important skill to have is attention to detail. The restaurant is notoriously difficult as one bad experience by the customer will not make them return even if the previous 10 experiences have been great. Making sure every dish is as it should be is crucial.

Some tips on building a good Chef CV

Furthermore, organisational skills are mandatory when leading a team. Not only must the chef be able to direct his team within the kitchen, he must also make sure the team serving the customers are working in sync to avoid mistakes such as the wrong dishes being served. Becoming a chef can be achieved through many paths, the most common being to train in a restaurant as a sous chef before taking the head chef role. Also, attaining culinary school to learn all the basics of cooking and hygiene will be a great foundation before entering the working environment.

CV Creator is a great platform for chefs to make online CV

As many candidates may have not had to create a CV until they leave culinary school, they can often seem lost as to what is needed on a winning chef CV. With many customised chef CV templates to choose from, candidates will have no choice but to create a great CV! 

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