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Who does not dream of making their passion become their day job? If your passion is Graphic Designing, you have every chance of succeeding in this world which thrives and demands more creative talents, all it requires is a great Graphic Designer CV Template to start with. Whether you are at the beginning of your illustrious career or seeking to change careers, it all starts here at CV Creator. We will show you how.

Graphic design is a growing industry in the technological world we live in today. Twenty years ago, barely anyone was in graphic design, however today it is one of the most in demand industries due to the ever increasing reliance on technology in our day to day lives. So what exactly does a graphic designer do? And how do you go about making a great Graphic Designer Template.

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The applications of a Graphic Designer CV Template

By applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, they will meet customer’s specific requirements by using pictures and typography that will be in sync with the customer’s product or service. Whilst techniques used in graphic designing today will be complicated and make use of interactive software, the main ethos of graphics has been around for centuries.

The most important element is to make sure the graphic designer understands color theory and its importance when building a project for a client.

Key skills for good Graphic Designer CV


To be considered a great graphic designer, several key skills are essential but 3 key skills stand out. The first one, communication, is necessary in many ways. A graphic designer communicates his thinking through text and image. In order to receive work, they are obliged to communicate in this method to companies and clients alike. Furthermore, when they are explaining their ideas to audiences or at presentations, it needs to be said with clarity and conciseness. They also need great listening skills whilst interacting with clients on ideas and needs since their role is to provide solutions.


The second key skill is creativity. Without a creative mind, it is hard to imagine a graphic designer will get much work. They need to be creative thinkers to take a client’s problems and turn them into creative solutions. For example, a businessperson may approach them with a product they are underselling and ask for creative ways to increase the product sales. This can often be done by a graphic designer by changing the website’s image or the product itself.


Finally, in sync with the other two key skills which should be included on any great CV, is technology. To be at the top in this industry requires mastering several forms of technological software.

Since a graphic designer job demands can intertwine between simple creativity and web designing, they need to master not only design software but also website development software such as Adobe and WordPress.

What to include in your CV

To possess these three key skills on a graphic designer CV will be a major boost to employability. Graphic designing, unlike many industries, does not require a degree to become knowledgeable.

In fact, they need to focus their attention on making sure their creativity remains high at all times and that they master numerous softwares which they may need depending on the project. These are all good graphic designer cv examples to use for any purpose.

Many CV Templates to choose from

These are key elements to be included on a Graphic Designer CV. If you still aren’t sure how to go about creating a great CV, don’t worry. We have created numerous Graphic Design CV templates that have been crafted with the help of numerous industry experts which contain numerous CV tips. This will make sure you avoid making an average CV and instead create a winning one.


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