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Whilst it may seem of little importance to put in the extra effort for certain roles where being highly qualified is not a necessity, it is still vital to create a very good image of yourself by perfecting your receptionist CV. In order to really impress an employer, and stand out amongst a crowd of candidates, an elaborate and sophisticated Receptionist CV Template is the only way to go. We will show you all the steps to follow. 

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The importance of the Receptionist CV to stand out

Receptionists play a necessary role in many businesses across the world. As the initial point of contact for many individuals entering a hotel, a building, an office or a hospital, they play a vital role in making sure operations run smoothly.

A receptionist, also commonly known as an administrative assistant in some areas, is an individual who will perform several administrative tasks such as answering the telephone, filling in paperwork and providing information for guests, customers and members of the public. They are also important as they are crucial to give a good first impression to any newcomer, which can greatly impact the company’s ability to retain customers.

Requirements to create a great Receptionist CV

To become a receptionist, or work in the administrative industry, a degree is not mandatory. However, a good business management degree can be a big boost if you wish to work in the administrative department of a large firm.

As long as you follow a clear path and are able to get an internship or work part-time in an administrative role whilst at university, you will have made a major leap in your employability probabilities.

What to include in your CV?

A good administrative assistant or receptionist must be competent in the following skills. The most important skill by far is organisation. A receptionist spends the majority of their working day organising events and paperwork for other departments and maintaining fluidity across all communication channels.

Furthermore, they must remain friendly and attentive throughout the day to any enquiries they receive or challenges they may face while dealing with customers.

Great Receptionist examples recruiters look out for

A positive image is crucial as this makes sure the guests or clients do not get hesitant to ask any questions. Finally, should there be any new software or upgrades in technological capacities, the receptionist should be one of the first to master it and make sure the communication to other departments remains seamless.

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