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The administration sector is a wide ranging sector covering numerous other sectors. Do you enjoy working in an office? Enjoy making sure your work is well-organised as well as others? If that is the case, you need an administrative CV right now !

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Administrative activities are carried out by numerous professionals. These are individuals who make sure operations run smoothly and efficiently. These can include secretaries, assistants, office managers or even data clerks. It is a field which is known for carrying out numerous tasks, sometimes even simultaneously. So if you are hoping to join this industry, now is the time to create your CV!

Important elements to know when building Administration CV 

Okay, so you have decided the administration field is the one for you. How is the world economy incorporating this field into the system? Let’s have a look at a few trends that you should keep in mind when making an administrative CV. 

First and foremost, new technological trends are affecting the ways in which things are done. Digital information and office automation are some of the key trends taking place. Especially, in light of the current circumstances with COVID-19, possessing skills in automation is a major benefit. However, this could mean having to include technology based skills when creating an Administration CV.

What are the key skills to put on my CV?

Every employer in any given industry will tell you a certain set of skills are critical for him or her to be remotely interested. The same can be said for the administration industry. Recruiters are looking for 3 key elements. Organisation and planning, communication and IT skills. Why these 3 skills I hear you say?

Organisation is extremely important for an administration CV candidate. Your job is to multitask between different tasks and make sure the schedule stays together throughout. Secondly, communication is vital as you are the linkage between other colleagues and management. Making sure you possess strong verbal and writing skills is crucial to avoid misunderstandings in departments. Thirdly, as technology takes a bigger place in the industry, the ability to manage documents electronically and use digital tools efficiently will go a long way. 

Creating the perfect Administration CV

Now that you have all the necessary skills and tools to build the perfect CV, all that is left is to choose the Administration CV template of your choice. At CV Creator, you will find numerous ideas and examples of other successful candidates. Working alongside industry experts, we are always updating our CV templates to make sure they are in line with employer demands. Finally, you can download your Administrative CV in PDF or Word format. The best time to start is now!

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