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Are you looking for an apprenticeship? Struggling to write a great Apprenticeship CV that will have recruiters on the phone? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place for help. By reading our steps and guidelines below, you will have a winning CV in no time at all.

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Becoming an apprentice

First and foremost, you are searching for an apprenticeship scheme,not a regular job. A rookie mistake many applicants make is to spell out CV in full at the top of their document. This is unnecessary and unprofessional. 

Secondly, an apprentice is an individual who comes straight out of college and looks for a job within a company. At first, he is not employed by the company full-time. The aim is to carry a long-term trial period to determine if the employee likes the job but also ensuring the employer is willing to take him on in the long run. 

Furthermore, it also provides a huge benefit for those who are not seeking university degrees. An apprenticeship scheme allows you to earn a salary from the first month, providing you with an income, not accumulating debts.

Key Guidelines to follow on your Apprenticeship CV template

Personal Details

At the top of your CV should be all your relevant contact details. Make sure the font is clear so that the employer will have no issues reading your details.

Personal Statement

An important element for a normal, even more so for an Apprenticeship CV template. The personal statement is the part of the CV where you explain why this apprenticeship is of particular interest to you. You can also mention why you are fond of the industry in general and your career ambition. It must be short and sweet. 

Core Competences

One very important element to keep in mind when applying for any role, you are not the only one. This means that many applicants will be sending their CV for the same role. Employers are unlikely to spend their time looking at every apprentice CV template in thorough detail.To stand out, use bullet points to outline your core competences. Recruiters love candidates who go straight to the point. If they like what they see, the odds are vastly improved that they will call you. If you are unsure what can be considered as key skills, we have created a CV key skills page here.

Education and Work Experience

As most apprentices are school leavers, they are unlikely to possess much work experience other than basic jobs. These can be part-time roles carried out during the summer holidays, or weekend jobs during school term. These may not be important roles, but the ability to showcase the type of skills you learnt and how you plan on using them in the future is essential. 

Strong education backgrounds are not expected when completing an apprenticeship scheme. In this instance, it is important to put most recent school grades and qualifications first.


Last but not least, hobbies are a great way to create a winning apprentice CV. They show employers your personality traits and can be a good ice breaker when entering a new company. Do not hesitate to list hobbies you’re most passionate about.

Creating the perfect Apprenticeship CV 

Having put together all the crucial elements to build an apprenticeship CV together, the final stage is to get started. At CV Creator, we are continuously working alongside industry experts to make sure our CV Templates are the best on the market. We also make sure all of our apprenticeship CV templates can be downloaded in Word or PDF format.

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