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Plumbing, one of the most vital jobs in our society. At some point during our lives, we have all had to call a plumber to fix a leaking pipe, draining water or sewage. If you enjoy getting your hands dirty, then plumbing is the role for you.

Whilst it may not be the most glamourous of industries, it certainly pays well and offers skills which will be in demand throughout your lifetime. A plumber CV is the first step to getting that dream job!

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What does plumbing consist of?

Plumbing is an industry with many tasks and responsibilities. Plumbing on its own is generally quite vague and most in the industry will be attributed with a specific type of plumbing such as ‘gas only’ plumbing or ‘water only’ plumbing. The type of plumber required will depend on the industry of the client. For example, those working in hospitals, will require a gas plumber.

Often seen as a male dominated industry, this judgment has come down in the last few years with female-only companies opening up. So whether you are a man or a woman, there is no better way to get started on CV Creator than finding the right plumber CV Template for you.

The skills needed to become a Plumber

A good plumber possesses a set of complex skills that will require a lot of experience to refine.

From understanding the water supply, waste and venting systems to be able to draw them out appropriately to installing and repairing domestic and commercial fixtures. Furthemore, they need to be able to work alone and in tight spaces.

Additionally, great communication is essential as they often work alongside subcontractors and colleagues. These are just some of the many skills a plumber has over their professional career. All these elements should be present on any plumber CV template should they wish to be in the running. If you still aren’t sure what this means, you can access all plumber CV examples that will give you even greater insight on building your perfect CV!

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