CV Ideas

Writing a CV resume can seem quite challenging and energy consuming at times. Especially when you don’t know what to write or where to start. Additionally, finding CV ideas to make your CV standout can go along way to landing your dream job. We have set out our guidelines for the 3 main categories of candidates.

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CV ideas

Don’t know what to write on your CV? Looking at a blank A4 page on Word thinking how on earth am I going to get this done? Don’t worry all you need are a few CV ideas that will put you on the right track to completing your CV with confidence.

The CV ideas that we will cover today cover a variety of experience levels and scenarios. Above all , they will allow you to create a CV with good credentials.

The experienced candidate

If you are in the middle of your working career, simply seeking out a new job or looking to change sector, your CV will focus mostly on the attributes and achievements you have to date in your professional life.

At the very top of your CV should be all your relevant contact details, making it as easy as possible for the recruiter to contact you. Thereafter, a well structured personal profile paragraph should amplify your past achievements, your skill set and what you seek to achieve on your next journey with a new job. In addition, a second paragraph can be added to put forward your key skills.  Demonstrating how they are essential and can be applied to the position you are seeking to fill is key.

Another section and the main body of your CV will be the work experience you have had up till now. Moreover, the most recent or relevant position should be placed at the top and job roles should be presented in reverse chronological order.

Finally, a small paragraph to show all your relevant qualifications and past education should be present. Most importantly, the option for the recruiter to contact referees should they wish to do so with contact details at the bottom of your CV.

The graduate candidate

Just out of university, you may be wondering how you can build a CV . It must also compete with others who may have had relevant experience in your field whilst you have simply left education.

In the same framework as the experienced candidate, you will start your CV by putting your contact details at the very top. Furthermore, a personal profile statement is needed. It should state what you have achieved in the past, your ambitions and why you are best suited for the type of job you are applying for.

The major difference with an experienced candidate CV is the main body, which will not focus on past work experience (obviously!) since you have just left university. Instead, it focuses on your education and all qualifications you have obtained whilst in education. To get ahead and really stand out for employers is to demonstrate the skills you have learnt at college and university. In addition, how they are transferable to the job position you are seeking is key.

Provide  a final paragraph outlining your hobbies and interests and do not be afraid to provide a bit of detail as this can often be a deciding factor when choosing amongst a list of strong candidates.

Temporary work candidate

Very much aligned to the one of the experienced candidates, the profile of your CV will differ only in the work experience paragraph. For instance, instead of listing the most recent work experience , focus solely on providing an experience that is relevant for the temporary job. Recruiters are not seeking the highest potential candidates in these roles. Above all, those proven that have the skills or experience to complete this temporary role.

General CV ideas

  • Make sure your CV is customised for every job application, not a template to change job application titles
  • Don’t try and make your CV layout look extravagant, keep it simple and concise with clear font.
  • You are not writing a book! So don’t go into long paragraphs explaining how each CV idea you achieved was realised. Always keep in mind the time constraint of recruiters.
  • Be honest at all times, provide true facts and figures that you can back up under any interview question.

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