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Passionate about building things in new ways with the help of technology? Then engineering is most certainly the right pathway for you. With so many industries needing engineers to build new products, software and buildings, a good engineer CV is an essential element to enter this field. If you are at the beginning of an illustrious career or seeking a career change, CV Creator is the obvious way to go.

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Why choose an Engineering CV Template?

What is Engineering? Did you know the word ‘engineering’ comes from the latin word ‘ingenium’, which stands for cleverness. At its very core, it is the use of scientific principles that will enable the design and creation of equipment, structural items, infrastructure and vehicles.

Engineering is a broad field, with many specialised areas existing within the field of engineering. The more complex and innovative the engineering requirements are, the more applied mathematics and sciences will be in demand. It is an industry which is seeing its usage grow steadily and for numerous features.

Steps to follow to build a CV

To become an engineer in this modern day, there are a few very simple steps a candidate must follow. The most important and crucial element is to get an engineering degree from university, and if you are still passionate about the subject, follow by getting a Masters with a specialisation in particular industry such as finance. Any extra work experience outside university such as internships or volunteer work will go a long way to building a solid CV.

Key skills to include on any Engineer CV

As with any industry, there are key skills which are looked out for by industry employers. In Engineering, these consist mainly of communication, technical and interpersonal skills. For communication, this is an essential element as engineering encompasses numerous types of communication.

As with any type of workplace, oral and written are not only essential but almost mandatory. However, good engineers will need to use technical jargon on a daily basis whilst brainstorming, holding project meetings and most importantly, problem solving.

The benefits of downloading an Engineering CV in PDF Format

Technical and interpersonal skills are intertwined with key communication skills. Since engineering is an industry where you are often working in teams or in a workplace with many other individuals, having a positive frame of mind and transmitting a positive energy to colleagues from the first meet is crucial.

Furthermore, technical skills are part of the daily livelihood of any engineer. Possessing the ability to learn new technical skills or showcasing prior technical skills learnt whilst in another role will be a major boost to any one seeking a career in this industry. All of these skills should feature greatly in any Engineering CV should the candidate wish to find employment.

Why CV Creator is a great place to kick start your Engineering Career

If you are at the beginning of your engineering career, or in the midst of a career change, then you will need a great CV to apply for new job positions. By utilising CV Creator, you will have access to a plethora of cv templates, customised for the engineering industry as well as many examples and ideas should you lack inspiration!

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